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I have been dabbling in writing and drawing all my life and as a child would cut up paper and staple small pages together to create little books. I’d add pictures and read the stories to my toys who would be lined up on my bedroom floor in anticipation... 

 At high school my peers gave me the title ‘The Poet’ as I was always writing poetry about my teachers and friends...

Alas! My first love was drawing and still is!

 On various occasions I was seconded by the Education Department to write packages with activities and illustrations for a variety of audiences. This kept me interested and creatively active. It was very satisfying. A couple of commercial Publishers of Educational resources sought my services and I had much pleasure in writing and illustrating seven books to assist teachers implement their curriculums in their classrooms.

We called them.... ‘Footbooks’... Much better than handbooks... Footbooks for Fast Finishers, Footbooks for Thinkers (Gifted and Talented focus) and the Calendar Resource Footbook’. All very helpful for teachers and all did so well that a couple were released in the US market.

More recently in collaboration with Michael Hensen, Biodiversity Officer BMCC, I wrote a package for Blue Mountains City Council Save Our Swamps Project. This package includes worksheets of activities which can be used in classrooms to inform students and teachers of local endangered and threatened species, in particular the Giant Dragonfly petalura gigantea and The Blue Mountains Water Skink.You can still access a set of educational resources which I wrote for Save our Swamps Blue Mountains, Gosford and Wingecarribee councils under ‘Downloads’ at

Tina's skills with a variety of media, styles and topics are perfectly applied to book illustrations. If you've written a book that you want to add some visual aids or interest to, Tina can design unique and creative illustrations for you. Tina can write and illustrate education resources for schools, community groups, charities and businesses.

The above images are examples of Tina's work as an illustrator. Click on them to see an enlarged version. Alternatively, visit the gallery to view some of her other work and develop a feel for the range of styles you can choose from for your book.

Please contact Tina for more information.

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