About Me

Little me, having a ball...

Little me!
My art life has evolved over MANY years. I have loved making pictures for as long as I can remember.
As a small child I drew on our window sills at home with my pencil drawings which Dad happily sealed over with clear lacquer commenting on their individuality... (Mum wasn’t impressed!) In fact my school life found me in big trouble on many occasions for not paying attention in class, as my eyes were gazing out the windows while my hands were drawing instead of note taking... but one’s imagination is a wonderful place to visit!

I was born Christina Frost in Balmain, a suburb of Sydney back in the days when it was a blue-collar worker area and money was tight. Dad left the merchant navy to be with us more regularly and we moved to a hostel at a place called Herne Bay (now known as Riverwood) then we moved on to the western suburbs of Sydney, to Ermington. I spent many happy days playing on the river banks of the Parramatta River before the area became more populated. Bandicoots ran everywhere and our home and large garden was a menagerie with a plethora of pets and wildlife visitors. I suppose that is why I am drawn (no pun intended) to creating images with creatures as stars.

Grown up me!

Incredibly enough I achieved flying colours in my Higher School Certificate with full university matriculation and a scholarship to National Art School. However those were the days when art was seen as a hobby for the rich and ‘real, acceptable work’ for intelligent women was nursing, secretarial work or teaching. I had a few scholarship offers so I went to College and learnt to be a teacher. Sadly, I put art on a shelf in my wardrobe to be accessed only when the ‘real business of life’ was manageable. 

Fortunately my employers saw my creative and artistic skills and realized that teachers and students could benefit from my expertise and I was privileged to be employed in arty roles for many years with the NSW Education Department.

My life was blessed with a beautiful, intelligent and creative daughter, Alyce-Rose, who never ceases to amaze me.

When I married the love of my life, I added his surname to mine!

Now that the more formal art of teaching has drawn to a close, I am fortunate to have a lovely studio in The Blue Mountains where I am able to draw and create images to my heart’s content!
So many pictures in my imagination, so little time! Ah, but its good to be alive!

Grown Up Me